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In-House Car Loan Options in Everett

In-House Car Loan Options in EverettSometimes it’s easier to get your auto financing from the same dealership you purchase your car from. If you have damaged credit and need In-House Car Loan Options in Everett, you can count on Bayside Auto Sales to help you get the cash for your next used car. While there are many places to get a hold of financing for used cars, there are several benefits for going through a dealer. In-house financing is reliable, and can go a long way towards repairing your credit if you’re getting the loan on damaged credit.

Benefits to In-House Car Loans

There are several reasons for working with a dealer to get In-House Car Loan Options in Everett. First of all, since you’re working with the same institution that is selling you your car, you have access to special rebates and credits that are only available if you choose to finance through them. Dealers can also extend the repayment range for buyers, as well—a six or seven year loan repayment period can result in lower monthly payments. Dealerships make it easier if you need to potentially re-finance your auto loan for a longer term, and can accommodate more

Finally, the overall purchase process is significantly easier with a car dealership. You’ll have a chance to drive your vehicle home the same day you purchase it, which makes things much less complicated.

Getting Approved For An In-House Car Loan

No matter what kind of credit you have, it’s always good to have all your ducks in a row before you go to find In-House Car Loan Options in Everett. One of the biggest things that financial experts warn about is when people apply for too many auto loans in too short of a timeframe, making too many inquiries on their credit history and lowering it by enough points to hurt it. Be selective in when you apply. When you get ready, also pull copies of your credit score—whether it’s subprime or not, it’s always good to know exactly where your credit history stands and be ready to answer any questions the dealership may have.

Bayside Auto Sales provides the best, most flexible In-House Car Loan Options in Everett. Browse our inventory online, or call us directly at 425-267-9777 or toll-free at 888-926-9853. You can also find our inventory specials, which can save you even more money. If you need a used car, truck, or SUV, we’ve got you covered.