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How to Get Financed After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can make things seem hopeless, but it doesn’t have to be the end! Bayside Auto Sales can help you learn How to Get Financed After Bankruptcy, in just a few easy steps. Get in contact with us to get help and find out how you can get your finances back on track after bankruptcy.

Know and Control your Finances

The first thing to do after having a major financial crisis is to figure out where your credit stands, and what you can do with the financial standing remaining. If you look into How to Get Financed After Bankruptcy, it can help you better understand just how to organize your remaining assets in order to create the base structure to rebuild. Since your lender will most likely requests documents from you, having all your paperwork ready–and knowing what all your paperwork says–can be another step towards rebuilding your financial standing.

Finding out where your credit stands is a major part of How to Get Financed After Bankruptcy. Services such as Experian, EquiFax, and TransUnion can all provide you your credit score. While submitting a credit score inquiry might have an effect on your score, it is always best to be well-informed.

Rebuild Your Credit

Rebuilding your credit involves diligence and putting your assets in the right place. If you can settle any balances or take any immediate steps towards fixing damaged credit, that should be your first move. Try not to borrow money, and pay all bills on time and in full. If you have remaining payments or car loans, these could play a part in the reconstruction process.

Putting down a hefty down payment or getting a new card may be counter-intuitive after bankruptcy, but it may be a vital step to begin moving your credit in the right direction. You’ll want to take it slow, but many lenders and financial businesses see a large down payment (20% or more) favorably. There are also low-limit credit cards or secure cards (cards whose limit is determined by a payment that you deposit beforehand), but be careful with these, as they may have high interest and high fees.

Bayside Auto Sales can show you How to Get Financed After Bankruptcy! With our friendly agents who know their way around the business, you can start getting back on your feet soon. Contact us and find out how you can rebuild today!