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Auto Loan Options After Court Judgments in Everett

GavelCourt judgments have a serious effect on your credit score, similar to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and repossessions. If you’ve been in the position where a judgment affects your credit, there’s still a chance of getting Auto Loan Options After Court Judgments in Everett.

A court judgment can be anything from a lawsuit to a ruling in a child support case. Court judgments are considered non-criminal but usually require some sort of payment or settlement. Failing to respond to a lawsuit has a similar negative effect on your credit report, if not worse.

Auto Loan Options Concerns

Auto loan options after court judgment may be difficult to find after a ruling. Not only is your credit score affected–and usually affected even more than for a loan–but your wages may be legally reduced until you pay off your outstanding responsibilities. A potential lender who sees a court judgment on your credit report (similar to bankruptcies, court judgments usually stay on your report for up to seven years, and that’s if you pay off on time) may hesitate to give you a loan, forcing you to choose loans with higher interest rates.

Your Auto Loan Options After Court Judgments in Everett

Thankfully, Auto Loan Options After Court Judgments in Everett have become more numerous. Agencies dedicated to giving people a way to acquire a car, even with poor or damaged credit, are becoming more available. With a bit of research, you can find an auto loan that not only helps you get your credit moving, but can also buy you a high-quality used car. A reliable vehicle is one of the first steps to getting a reliable job, and moving closer to financial freedom.

Looking at all of your options is important. Check what dealerships in your area offer in terms of subprime and special-case auto financing, and then get in contact with them to see what they can do for you specifically. Pull copies of your credit report, and be ready to discuss your court case with an agent. Many people bring a co-signer in order to give the lender a safety net.

Bayside Auto Sales offers Auto Loan Options After Court Judgments in Everett, along with a large choice of quality used cars. You can view our inventory online, or automatically apply for financing. Call 425-267-9777 to set up an appointment to talk to an agent about your auto financing.

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